Nicole Harley


A 'Lil something

       Nicole is a country mouse originally from Wyoming, now living large in NYC. She graduated cum laude with honors from LIU Post in 2019; awarded the Outstanding Senior in Theater Award and served as Company Coach to Post Theater. She is committed to creating art that reaches every demographic of people- because art is too important not to be shared.  


 Nicole is a determined young woman and craves to be challenged artistically- whether that be stilts, foley, improv, or pointe. She loves playing outside: skiing, hiking, camping, literally anything outdoors. Nicole is an avid yogi (certified in Feb), brews her own kombucha, chai, and crafts pressed juices; a crunch granola woman through and through.

What is she up to now...


      Although COVID has been a challenging time for artists, Nicole has attempted to use this time 'off' as an artist retreat. Nicole pre Covid was  starring as Ariel in The Little Mermaid with LaComedia Dinner Theater.  *bonus video below* 


However with theater on hold, She decided to camp for three months in her home state of Wyoming. Traveling the state in a mini school bus to some of the most isolated parts of the country. That's real social distancing folks! After finishing the Artist's Way, she began working on her own book of poetry.


Nicole's first self directed & produced film project. She envisioned a visual guide aiding the poem, depicting an artist torn between the city and country during 2020. 

Harlem Mouse_____


Once upon a time, in a memory, oh so soft. Citizens dreamed in skyscraper castles. 

Somewhere, in this tale, soft effervescent curls glow under liquid morning rays. Pale phosphorescent light beads on lush lashes gazing, oh so deep. Inhaling wild bursts of lost love, the residue of you. 

So silly... 

The knight couldn’t save the chaos- freeze time in dewy Amber jewels. Priceless crystallize moments.  A crushed fairytale of the home she loved, oh so much.Like Stardust, blown into the hazy dream of night. 


Please tell me darling, do you believe in happy endings?


-Nicole Harley 


Part of Your World

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 1_edited.png

Nicole will be starting socially distanced shows with the Murder Mystery Co. She has worked with the company for over a year now and is excited to work a 'crowd' again and share laughter with an audience.