Nicole will be featured in an upcoming video game as Black Cat, from the Marvel Spiderman Comics. She will be one of 8 super villains in the Ladies of Cosplay Video Pinball game. The game will be entirely digital- basically an updated version of the pinball we all used to play on our Windows computer! This will be her first time voice acting.


 Additionally Nicole will be making a cameo as Harley Quinn in another video game with Pat Bonham- ComicalMan Co. Working on these classic characters has sparked the nerdy fire in her heart. More to come...

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Nicole is so excited for her first short film to be released to Amazon this Spring! This will be one of two short films she worked on with Hilton Ariel Ruiz- Film Brewery. The first film to be released will be Klan Rules, she plays supporting in the role of girlfriend Melanie. Soon after she will debut as her first lead role on camera as Ashley in, 6666 Anthology Series. All explore horror and superstitious subjects... Very spooky things to come!